About  Me

Shannon and Jeff Johnson and Grandchildren

Hi Everyone! My name is Shannon Johnson. 

I am a self published author/illustrator of the book called,

"Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times."

I originally wrote and illustrated this book for my grandchildren Theo and Willow. 

I am originally from Connecticut. I recently moved to

Jonesville, Virginia with my husband of six years,

and best friend of sixteen years.

I am now a grandmother to three!

  Charlie, is the newest addition to our precious family.

I will have pictures of Charlie when we get to meet him around Sept. / Oct. 2021.

I am a graphic artist...

 I make designs in a drawing program called, Krita.  You can find this free software program at Krita.org 
I upload my designs to printing companies that use a process called DTG and place my designs on products that ship directly to  you.


On November 2018, I published the book,

"Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times."

My Grandchildren, Theodore and Willow were my inspiration for this

precious book, you can find my book on Amazon or download the digital book here.


Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times By Shannon Johnson 2020.jpg

Over the last 6 months, I have been designing and creating!

I have been working with print on demand companies to realize my dream! 

I look forward to making designs that you like and that will inspire you! 

Please let me know if there is something that I can personalize for you!

Thank You for your support. 

Sincerely, S. Johnson Designs

Me Drawing Bearable Cuteness Design.jpg

This is me drawing on my tablet in the program called Krita. This is my "Bearable Cuteness Design." 

You can find that program on Krita.org

It is a free open source program that supports artist and their creative outlets.

Stages of skateboard Bear on a single page.jpg

This is my "Bear Skater" Design. These are some of the sketches that I have made and changed up a little bit before completing the design that I now sell on my shop.

This was a challenge set forth by my son.

to see more about this take a look at my Facebook page or my blog.