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My name is Shannon Johnson and I love creating!
Please join me in my journey to create and teach our children!
This page contains Free Downloadable Crafts and Educational Videos!


Crafts & Videos For Kids


Scroll Down To See Our, "Peggy The Pig" Video!

What is this?

This is a craft that you can download, print and share with your children, grandchildren or other peeps learning the English Language.

  • Creative fun.

  • Great way to learn the alphabet.

  • Rhyming throughout.

  • Teaches Dexterity.

  • Sneak peak into the actual book, "Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times." 

  • Instructional video's attached to this file.

  • You can use the pattern to create other books.

Mini Book Page 2.jpg

Video's  For Kids

Peggy The Pig Video made for ages 3 and up!


Peggy talks about the things that she likes to do and what your child can do to be a helpful family member.

Unicorn Jazz Video pic.jpg

I created Peggy the pig, when a dear friend, Lisa Caprelli asked if I would be interested in doing an online puppet show.  "Of course," I said!

That's when the creation of Peggy The Pig was born!  Peggy the Pig first made her debut on Lisa Caprelli's Unicorn Jazz Facebook Page.  Here is the link to her full video 

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