Paperback Book 8.5 x 11 Unicorn Jazz is a beautiful story and well-loved fairy-tale with colorful hand-drawn illustrations on every page! This is a children's unicorn book series filled with imagination and meaning celebrating individuality, play, friendship, belonging and the power of believing in others! Meet a growing cast of friendly animals in each beloved book, like Bee Happy in the unciorn book series like Bee-ing Happy with Unicorn Jazz and Friends. Unicorn Jazz is a dazzling young unicorn with incandescent purple hair, a golden horn and shining hoofs to match and a musical note for a tail! Although quite timid in nature, her most stunning quality is her voice in song. When she and her parents move to a new place for the first time, she finds herself at odds with other animal members. In this whimsical unicorn fable, Unicorn Jazz moves to a new land filled with horses, geckos, giraffes, elephant, kangaroo - in search of animal friends. She meets Woof the Crow who inspires Jazz's unique talent. Unicorn Picture Books for Children and a Timeless Classic! By Lisa Caprelli ISBN# 9781728838854 UPC # 9781728838854 

Unicorn Jazz Children's Book (Paperback 8.5 x 11)

SKU: 9781728838854

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