Store Policy

What We Do and How it works
Shipping & Return/ Refund Policy 

How It Works

I am a graphic designer/artist.

 I digitally draw designs that I think would appeal to you.

I upload my designs to a platform called Printful and Redbubble 

Both printing companies print my designs on merchandise that I list in my store.

They use a process called DTG

DTG stands for Direct-to-Garment, and refers to a method for textile printing. Unlike other textile printing methods, such as heat transfer or dye sublimation, DTG printing process uses specialized ink in order to print directly onto the garment, using a DTG printer.


When you order on my store, the order goes directly to the printing company,

they then print and ship your specific product. 

Payment Information

The payment platform is set up on my store to collect through square (processes all major credit cards) and I do not personally collect that information. 

I receive only the information needed to complete the customer service part of your order, such as your email, name, address, and tracking order information.

I use both printing companies because they have high quality products and they also allow me to have more product choices.

If you have any questions about your purchase or ordering online,

please contact me here.

  Most of our items are personalized items and have certain restrictions that we abide by as per Printful's and Redbubble's policies.

See the information below on how we handle shipping, return/refund policies.

Shipping Policy

Our fulfillment time average is 2–5 business days for non-apparel products and 2–7 business days for apparel products.

Occasionally there are delays and we will keep you informed if necessary.

Returns/ Refund Policy

We follow the same guidelines  as the company/companies that are responsible for fulfilling  and processing our orders. (Printful & Redbubble)

Returns are not accepted unless items were damaged in transit,

or if there is an error in the printing design, as a result of  S. Johnson Designs.


You will need to provide five pictures of the printing error or damaged item/items

 along with a statement about the reason for your return.

We will verify whether the product was ever used or destroyed, In these cases, a refund will not be possible. You can submit your problem report here.

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