Shannon L. Johnson
"Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times"


Shannon Johnson is from Brooklyn, CT

and moved to Griswold, CT about 15 years ago.

"Inspired by our grandchildren, Theodore & Willow, 

I finally realized a life-long dream!  


As a Child, I would dream that one day,

I would write and illustrate a children's book.

 I would soon get the inspiration!

In 2016 we became Grandparents for the first time,

thanks to Theodore!

 Theo was about two, when we realized that we

we're going to be grandparents to a little girl.

Her parents would name her, Willow.

I was already in the process of writing a book for Theo

when we found out about Willow. 

I was elated for her to also be a part of this book! 

Although the journey, was full of ups and downs,

I had lots of help along the way,

to complete the cutest little book

that I could possibly make, for our precious gifts!

Grandpa, Jeff was a huge contributor

to the design in our book.

My daughter-in-law, Beth Lauren Restor,

also helped with the editing process.

(She is an English Major)

 I hope by sharing my story and our book,

"Alphabet Rhymes 26 Times,"

it will inspire others to...

"Dare To Dream"


 write their own story!"

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